Diet and nutrition play an important role in promoting recovery from different illnesses. Patient's nutritional status often deteriorate during hospitalization; a study has shown that nutritional status was declined in 29% of well-nourished patients during their hospital stay. Besides health reasons and hospital environment, food habits and preferences are one of the important factors affecting food intake of hospitalized patients. Food habits are the main aspect of many cultures, and cannot therefore be easily changed, or else it will affect food intake and meals pattern. Some people from different distinct regions eat different foods and have different food habits. The food ingredients, type, cooking methods and preservation techniques vary among these regions. Hospitalized patients often find it difficult to adjust, from their traditional food, to a standard hospital menu. This may result in reducing intake of food and increasing risk of malnutrition. One major step in promoting good nutritional care in hospitals is to ensure that hospital menus take into consideration patients’ needs and preferences. Moreover, patients should be involved in planning their meals and choosing their food items in order to customize their dietary plan to accelerate recovery from illness and reduce the length of hospital stay.

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