As a trusted provider of total cleaning solutions with complete hygiene for diverse hospitality customers, only the Adarsh ENTERPRISES laundry point supports commercial linen laundries with superior solutions, unmatched service and expert knowledge of the hospitality laundry industries. Hospital laundry service are responsible for providing safe, clean ,adequate and timely supply linen to user unit of hospital at right time, right price and right place. Adarsh ENTERPRISES point is one of the commercial laundry service provider which take care of hospital laundry services. Adarsh ENTERPRISES receive all the linen material from different area like ward, OT, OPD and office area where we undergo process of sorting , washing, extracting, drying, ironing , folding , mending and delivery. Adarsh ENTERPRISES take special care for OT linen material since it has to be washed and sterilized carefully For hospital it is very important for adequate supply of clean linen sufficient for comfort and safety of patient and appearance and pleasant , neatly attired employees attending the patients in fresh Crip uniform do much sell the hospital to the public. To do so The laundry point is always there to help you out.

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