HOSPITAL FOODING SERVICES: According to a report published by Association of Health Care Providers in India, Healthcare-associated infections affect around two million people annually in India, yet one third of those cases are can be prevented by enforcing proper infection control procedures and using professional medical facilities cleaning services to clean and disinfect the medical facilities on proper intervals. The goal of the Adarsh ENTERPRISES Medical Facilities Cleaning Services is to preserve a clean environment for patients, medical staff and visitors, while contributing to the reduction of health associated infections through efficient and effective hygiene in the medical facilities. As the global leader in the Medical Facilities Cleaning Services, we understand the critical nature of medical facilities surface disinfection and assisting in prevention of Health Associated Infections. Whether, it's a hospital, outpatient facility, medical office building or surgery center, the Adarsh ENTERPRISES Medical Facilities cleaning services program ensures proper disinfecting and best practices that exceed the toughest medical facilities cleaning standards and regulations. Our Medical Facilities Cleaning Services Team removes biological contamination from environmental and equipment surfaces in order to prevent the transmission of the microorganism from patient to patient, from patients to healthcare staff, and from patients to visitors. All of our medical facilities cleaning service staff completes our Medical Facilities Cleaning Certificate Program and meet all Local, State, National standards of cleaning medical and health care facilities prior to servicing any medical facility. While hospital and medical facilities cleaning cannot be 100% green due to the use of disinfectants to kill harmful and unwanted microorganisms, the use of greener cleaning products where possible can provide a brighter, healthier environment for patients to recover faster and staff to work in a better and safer environment. To ensure the best of the cleaning and providing utmost safer medical facilities environment, we have initiated a color-coded microfiber system that significantly minimizes the chances for cross transmission during the medical facility cleaning and disinfecting process. By using the microfiber cloths and floor pads along with the mix of right chemicals at the right time and right places we reduce chemical use by an average of 40% and that too without compromising patient safety in the medical facilities like hospitals, nursing homes, clinics, blood donation camps, pathology labs and like facilities.

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